Benefits of Student Enrollment Software in Colleges and Universities

Student expectations are always evolving, and to keep pace with them, colleges and universities require an integrated enrollment management CRM that helps deliver the best student experience possible.

Benefits of Using Student Enrollment Management Software:

  • Multi-channel Communication
  • Generate Inquiries Through Events
  • Measure Vendor Performance
  • Easily Enhance Productivity of Admission Team
  • Engage and Convert Prospects
  • Customized Campus and Academic Structure
  • Increase Admission Team’s Productivity with Dialer Integration
  • Get Key Metrics with Dashboard
  • Engage Prospects with Mobile App

Campaign Management: Multi-channel Communication

Powerful marketing automation functionality enables schools to create campaigns using a combination of traditional and emerging marketing channels including email, postal mail, social media, mobile, and webinars.

Event Management: Generate Inquiries Through Events
ProRetention enables schools to create and manage events either on-campus or off-site. Powerful event functionality provides the ability to schedule events, send invitations, process RSVPs, and track results. Event attendance can be easily tracked using unique QR-Codes embedded in email confirmations sent to invited students.

Vendor Management: Measure Vendor Performance
Institutions that acquire leads and inquiries from third-parties can utilize ProRetention tools to measure individual vendor performance and manage vendor relationships.

Lead Management: Enhance Productivity of Admission Team
ProRetention offers a comprehensive set of tools to manage inquiry distribution and prioritization. Enrollment leadership has the ability to set up rules for lead distribution and prioritization, with extensive real time dashboards showing team performance and overall marketing effectiveness

Keep Warm Hub: Engage and Convert Prospects
ProRetention enables counselors to create targeted messaging through a powerful content management system. On-demand mailers, brochures, and newsletters can be created and maintained using intuitive editing tools. Access to content creation features can be managed with approval authorizations, custom workflows, and intelligent search.

Campus and Academic Structure: Customize Structure
ProRetention speaks your language. Where other systems build on tools and terminology designed for the commercial sector, ProRetention was built “from the ground up” to address the needs of colleges and universities. Underlying data structures address individual campuses, areas of study, programs, award types, and academic schedules.

Dialer Integration: Increase Admission Team’s Productivity
Schools that do not have a preview or predictive dialer in place can take advantage of the cloud-based dialer that is cloud seamlessly integrated with ProRetention. Key call center features include call recording, predictive dialing, call dispositions, and lead status tracking.

Dashboards on Demand: Get Metrics
Key admissions and enrollment data in ProRetention can be presented through intuitive dashboards and reports. Graphical report elements can depict data on the school’s overall recruitment funnel, as well as on individual applicant data, conversion metrics, cost per start, etc. Information can be represented in any convenient form such as multi-dimensional graphs, tables etc. Unique ProRetention dashboards can be configured for different user roles, and can be created on demand by individual users. And reports can be automatically generated and emailed to school personnel on a scheduled basis.

Mobile App for Prospects: Engage Prospects
The unique ProRetention mobile app allows colleges to keep prospects engaged and connected with the school throughout the admission’s process. It offers powerful mobile solutions for prospective students, enabling them to submit an inquiry, track application status, send documents, and get live support from counselors.

Source: ProRetention Enrollment CRM for Schools, Colleges and Universities


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