Student Retention in Higher Education

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Higher Education

One of the most crucial factors deciding the fate and the profitability of any college these days is “Student Retention”, sometimes referred to as persistence, is of increasing importance to college administrators as they try to improve graduation rates and decrease loss of tuition revenue from students that either drop out or transfer to another school.


More than 50% of the students that graduate from a college began their studies in a different college in US. There are various indicators that point a student at risk

  1. Late registration
  2. Absence from class
  3. Failure to submit assignments on time

These are a few indicators and there are more such indicators. And identifying key factors influencing attrition is a necessity.

One cannot prevent anyone from moving ahead but can effectively try to convince them to think otherwise, but how to make this happen?
Do you know your students well?
Do you…

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